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After completing the required tasks in (4) Alice moves into the Testing phase…

In which she confronts the Jabberwock but finds he’s not the real foe. Alice’s Shadow Self becomes apparent. She wishes “little” Alice to fade away.

Battle with and Integration of the Shadow Self.

Return to confront The Queen of Hearts. Hatter saves the day by taking his poison pill - in his immortal form he can rescue Alice but must spend the rest of his existence in pain. He sets a mature / adult example for Alice to follow - this is her subconscious testing out the idea sacrificing (or discarding, dissolving) elements of the self which are no longer useful in order to make way for the new and improved.

Queen of Hearts abandons her position at the center of Chaos and heads to the (now revealed) location of the Red Queen. Alice must give chase and stop her before… (?)