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Alice: Asylum

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  • Game is set before American McGee's Alice
  • Lewis Carroll will not be mentioned in the game
  • Red Queen & Queen of Hearts are different characters
  • Platforms: Aiming for PC, Console. Yes, we love Nintendo Switch. Ultimate platforms depend on our source of funding and our publishers. It's a bit early to say.
  • Remasters: We would like to have "American McGee's Alice" and "Alice: Madness Returns" remastered and bundled (in some fashion) with the release of Asylum. That way people can play all three on the same platform. This is a "wish list" item - again, depends on source (and amount) of funding, publisher, etc.

Concerns Often Brought Up

  • American McGee understands that Alice is age 13 in Alice: Asylum, and will not sexualize her in any way.
  • EA
  • We will not have Loot Boxes.

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