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Under Construction


The enemies that are all over Wonderland are based off Tarot cards. Major and Minor Arcana divide tarot. The enemies that are "Minor" arcana will be scattered all over wonderland, they are elemental based with each representing one.

Suit of Cups
Suit of Pentacles
Suit of Swords
Suit of Wands

When killed Alice will attain ammo. She will be able to go to "Madame Pricilla" to have some kind of exchange with her. This concept is pending for exploration.

Major Arcana enemies will be placed in more specific places, examples:

The fool will be close to a cliff

Enemies Per Realm

Shock Realm, Location will be based off Stealth
Denial Realm, Characters who play in the local circus

Shadow Alice

Shadow Alice301.jpg

We tell ourselves we are nice, honest, pure, and sweet... and we hope other people see us that way as well. But then we have dark thoughts related to life - to power, violence, sex, etc. Those thoughts, that side of us we don't want to face or admit, is our shadow self. Many psychologists and therapists believe that we are not whole or complete until we face our shadow self and accept it. To be complete we must integrate the shadow self. In some cases that might also mean allowing some of the shadow self's impulses to be expressed. Maybe you're always nice at work... but on the inside, you want to yell at other people for being lazy and worthless. Embracing the shadow self would mean you stop pretending to be nice - you stop worrying about hiding the shadow self - and you raise your voice, yell, and show emotion when others are being lazy and worthless at work. For Alice... she's a 13-year-old girl who has always viewed herself as sweet, innocent, harmless, and good. But like all children who are transitioning to adults, she's having confusing thoughts about life, existence, morality, mortality, sexuality, and other topics. She's barely aware of some of the darker questions of existence... she's in no way prepared spiritually, intellectually, or physically to answer them. After the violent and horrible death of her family, she's forced to confront Chaos. She's forced to confront the painful nature of reality - one in which people she loved died screaming in a fire while she was unable to do anything to save them.

Shadow Alice comes from a place ruled by Chaos. She's not bothered by the family's death. Their death is her freedom. She can spread her wings now - take control and exert her desires and will on Alice's psyche. All of Alice's dark impulses can be set loose - without parents, there are no rules, no chores, no school, no manners, no concept of acceptable behavior. Shadow Alice is the rawest form of every teenage kid angry at the world and no longer worried about consequences. She can say, do, and be anything she wants - even if that path is short, violent, and ultimately pointless. These two sides of Alice's personality will have to merge if she's going to move forward, survive the asylum, and be ready for the coming battle. Shadow Alice has nothing on normal Alice's logic, reason, and rationality. But normal Alice wouldn't stand a chance in a fistfight with Shadow Alice. If either one of them "wins" alone they both lose. If they are able to merge their best elements and discard the worst - then she has a chance.

Regarding Tentacles


Perhaps Shadow Alice can be responsible for the Queen’s current form in some way, but any interpretation of the Queen where she’s just a remnant of Shadow Alice doesn’t really add much of value to the story for what it takes away. Additionally, from another angle, the tentacle motif makes Shadow Alice an enemy we’ve already fought and encountered twice before…so how is she in any way unique? We’ve already gone through variations on this theme twice before, so what are we gaining by doing it again? Especially given that even the first design draft has the “Blur” movement which already makes Shadow Alice stand out from other enemy designs used so far. I think that idea should be built off of (and perhaps new ideas explored as well) and some new powered up form should be found that steps away from the red tentacles. In short, Shadow Alice should be unique and distinct, an antagonist in her own right who doesn’t come across as a repetition of one that already exists, one that has her own unique visual calling card that makes her iconic on her own without cribbing the look of someone else.

Concerning Shadow Alice iconic movements, she could only be seen as a reflection in mirrors throughout the game, since she is going to be the final boss Alice does not interact with her at all. In those reflections Shalice would try to teach Alice to defend herself, Shalice would display the weapons Alice could use or how to weaponize elements on the environment in hopes Alice gets stronger, strong enough to beat her Shadow and be ready to accept her and face reality. The habitants of Wonderland are aware of Shalice's presence and will try to preserve Alice intact or attack her thinking she is the Shadow, this would explain why Alice will have to overcome trials devised by each of them. In the end Alice won't be prepared to stand toe-to-toe with Shalice and, as American suggested, Shalice traps Alice in a cage and takes the basic dress for herself, making the symbols in the apron along with the necklace change into the ones seen in AMA. This is just an idea, Shalice could be seen in the background sometimes like a guardian for Alice, off course she would not be aware of that.

General Concepts

General thoughts for the game
The box opens to become "sweets" collectibles or an enemy
A wind-up enemy that doesn't die but "rests"
Classic Card Guards
Card Guard Leader
Poisonous flowers
Itsy Bitsy
Jumping fish
March Hare & Dormouse (boss)
Burnt white rabbit
Circus, Chess acrobats
Burnt fish-foot man
Unicorn (Boss)
Watch Tower
Queen of Hearts
Judgment Boss, fight at the courthouse.
Monster in color white bg.jpg
The Knave of Hearts