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Each of these dresses could have an alternate Chaos or Rage mode player is able to trigger at-will.

Explore through Wonderland collecting the elements necessary to craft the next outfit.

In some instances these become a sort of badge/skin representing the progress she's made. In other instances they might represent a concept or mask being forced on Alice by some dark aspect of her psyche. In all cases we might want to allow a certain degree of customization.

What differentiates your version of the Rage Dress from my version of that same dress? Maybe these Embroidered Patches we're creating? Imagine collecting those all over Wonderland and having the ability to affix them to dresses - each of them imbuing the dress with additional powers and features. Stick a Cheshire Cat patch on your Rage Dress and enable night vision along the invisibility.

Classic Dress
Classic Dress
Denial Dress
Denial Dress.jpg
Ash Dress
Ash Dress.jpg
Fire Dress
Fire Dress.jpg
Blackening Dress
Blackening Dress2.jpg
Depression Dress
Depression Dress.jpg
Chaos Dress
Chaos Dress4.jpg
Pleading Dress
Pleading Dress.jpg
Bargaining Dress
Bargaining Dress.jpg
Red Dress
Red Dress.jpg
Confidence Dress
Confidence Dress1.jpg
Hospital Dress
Hospital Dress.jpg
Asylum Dress
Asylum Dress.jpg
Harvest Dress
Harvest Dress1.jpg
Circus Dress
Circus Dress.jpg
Plush Dress
Plus Dress4.jpg
Mercury Dress
Mercury Dress.jpg
King of Planets
King of Planets.jpg
Death Time Dress
DeathTime Dress.jpg
Alchemy Dress

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