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General Code of Conduct:

We all want to see Alice Asylum grow into a successful game. Our community is being given the unique privilege of being part of a game’s development from idea to completion. This means, as a whole, we should be patient with American and Martin (can’t forget Lulu either) as they work through the process. American and Martin have been exceptionally transparent with the entire process, so if there is news about anything from ideas to models to actual gameplay they will let us know in their own time.

Until the day we see the game released, and even after, let’s work together to ensure our Discord remains positive, supportive, and empowering to all who join, share ideas, participate, and even lurk (we know some of you have that as a superpower). We have a common goal, but we can make sure that no matter what happens, we remain a welcoming and encouraging community.

How to Join Discord:

Martin has written an exceptional post on how to become a member and install Discord here. To access our Wonderland Discord server, you need to be at the Patreon level of $5 or more.

New to Discord?

This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but a simple one to help you get started. If you want to learn more there are many of us in the community who can help you! Just ask.

There are several different platforms you install the Discord App on. You can connect to Discord via any browser (FireFox, Chrome, Edge, etc). You can download the app to your desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), or you can install it on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows).


Everyone wants to know what emojis we have and how to access them. In general you can just click on the emoji on the right side of where you type unless you’re on an IPhone, then you need to actually type out the emojis.

You can call into existence each emoji by typing the name of the emoji and putting a : in front and at the end. As an example, I'm obsessed with nani! So I type :nani: and magically it appears!

Here is the current available Wonderland specific emojis:

  • vorpal


  • stare


  • orly


  • nani


  • lulu


  • chesh


  • cater



We have several channels, and it helps to try and keep the to the topic of each channel so that everyone can get a general idea of what you’re talking about. While it’s impossible to be 100% on topic at all times, do try and move to a different room if you want to go too far off into a tangent.

Our Information Rooms are:

  • #welcome - Description of our Wonderland server, our rules, and some quick helpful links to get started on Discord.
  • #announcements - Anything that American and Martin want us to know will go here. Our job is to celebrate with as many emojis as possible.
  • #faq - A quick glance faq for frequently asked questions and quick links to a variety of Alice and American McGee sources.
  • #level-rank - Using the Mee6 Bot chat leader-board for fun and giggles.

Our Chat Rooms are:

  • #asylum-game-chat-only - We talk about everything Alice: Asylum.
  • #off-topic-flumf - This is our general chat room. All manner of flumf happens here. It's a great place to get to know your fellow inmates.
  • #alice-wardrobe-and-cosplay - Let’s see your creativity in action. And for those of us with no sewing skills, celebrate how amazing our cosplayers are!
  • #armoury-and-concepts - Have an idea about weapons? Maybe you have an idea that relates to the other games you want to see expanded upon. This is your channel.
  • #livestream-chat - When a stream occurs, this is the place to talk about it. We know how hard it can be to catch each stream, but this is the place to talk about what you have seen, or if you’re lucky, watching!
  • #gallery-and-fanart - This is the place to go if you want to share your arresting artwork, creative colourings, interesting inks, and anything else artwork related that does not fit into the previous three chats.
  • #wiki-questions-and-ideas - We have a fantastic wiki being handled by amazing wiki-ologists. (I didn't make that word up. You made that word up. :P ). If you feel something needs to be added, modified, or updated, let the fantastic wiki team know here.
  • #wonderland-fm - A channel requested by our concept artists, this is a place to share anything musical. Playlists, band suggestions, original tunez... you name it.
  • #activity-chatter - At times we need your help to make some decisions and choices.

Special Discord Crowd Design Discussion Rooms

  • #writing-on-the-walls - This is the text room used during Discord Crowd Design Discussions as we collaboratively build Alice: Asylum together.
  • (voice) Whispers of Insanity - This is the voice room where you can listen and speak, when called upon, to further explain your ideas during the Discord Crowd Design Discussions.

We do have a general voice channel, where if you desire, you can speak with other inmates. It’s not used often yet, nor have we made plans to keep it to just one room. We are just developing as a Discord Alice community. Who knows what may happen in the future?