The Journey (The Stages of Grief)

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The Journey (Obstacle, Transformation, Reward)

Stages of Grief.jpg

Alice suffers from acute PTSD aggravated by the suppressed potential for transformation into adulthood. Her journey will force her to confront and ultimately accept the death of her family - in so far as this represents her transformation from childhood via the integration of self. The powerful emotions of guilt, anger, sadness, etc still rage within - these are faced in her next adventure (AMA). Before Alice can confront and understand her emotions she must unlock her awareness and her self.

The Goals & Stages

In her quest Alice must achieve or acquire a number of Goals

  1. The Inner Compass (to guide her through the wasteland)
  2. The Vorpal Blade (to defeat the Jabberwock)
  3. Elan Vital (life energy, to sustain her through the Chaos)
  4. Slay the Dragon (defeat the Jabberwock; and recover the White rabbit?)
  5. Confront the Shadow (disintegrate and integrate)
  6. Collect the Elements of Transformation (alchemical / psychological transmutation)