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Slumber > Shock

Enemies: None

Weapons: None

Upgrades: None

Outfits: Clean Hospital Dress? (Needs design)

What player learns:Interface, controls, and Alice's backstory.

Transition: Slumber → Shock will be that Alice is falling To shock from the window of her burning house.


A speculated map for Slumber

In this realm, the look and feel of this world is of 100% happiness. There are elements that are mixed in with that symbolize what to come but as far as the atmosphere goes, the styling is colorful and vibrant.

It needs to be a pure contrast in atmosphere to the next realm "Shock". Time can be unrealistic, like a dream where each scene is merged together with the next, no coherent line of thought.

Slumber - the state innocent and naive being where Chaos is a distant unknown.


The Liddell house
Alice's family in its happiest state.

The Liddell houseAlice is in Slumber (literally and metaphorically) the night of the fire. Before going to bed she had a family, a home, and was ensconced in a beautiful illusion.

She wakes to Shock - the sound of her family screaming - the old reality shattered by Chaos and cracked open into a new and terrifying place where monsters rule.

This is Bumby’s reality though Alice won’t understand that for many years to come. To communicate Shock effectively we must strongly establish the tranquility of Slumber.

The first section of the game takes place in and around Alice’s home prior to the fire. Alice and Lizzie outside, building a snowman, establishing place and mood via chat and play.

Hints of something lurking in the shadow, of the presence of Bumby in their lives, etc. What remains of Wonderland needs to be floating around this central core.

Each of the areas of Wonderland will be a floating island - broken pieces of the world as it was before.

This storyboard needs revisiting. "Do I think this is final? No. But it's a great placeholder for now. And, who knows? Maybe it'll be the final intro to the game. As we go forward I'd like to explore the following: "

We start with Alice and Lizzie playing outside in the snow, a snowflake will introduce us into the world.
Alice tries to create a snow bunny, Lizzie "fixes" it, the girls are called inside by the parents.
Both girls inside, playing in Alice's room. Specifically with Alice's Pig/Doll house.
Family is eating dinner together, this is the scene we get to know more of her parents and introduce them.
Her parents are tucking in Alice and they all go to sleep.
Alice wakes up from the screams of her parents and runs out of the;
house through a window on the top level in the middle of the hallway.
This is the transition to Shock


The realm is more of a cinematic world, an introduction of Alice's life before the trauma. There are no moves, enemies or anything to be learned from this world to the player, just walk around and stuff happens. Much like London in Alice madness returns.


Interior Bottom floor of house and snow porch
Interior upper floor Of house.




Alice 11 Year old, concept by Norman Felchel, the original creator of "Alice"
Father, Arthur
Mother, Hannah
Sister, Lizzie