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Denial/Circus > Anger

NPCs: Poor cosplaying characters of wonderland known figures. White Rabbit companion, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Cheshire cat.

Weapons: Stealth - Frogs, Timeclock (Perhaps a carousel), Vorpal Blade

Upgrades:Getting the Timeclock, Vorpal blade

Outfits: Denial Dress, Circus Dress (performing), Ash Dress

What player learns: using the Timeclock, collectible engine

Special Areas: Madame Pris

Transition: Shock → Denial will be (optional) Alice in a mining cart, running, being chased by enemies from the previous stage. Falling with the cart into Denial, turning into a raft.


A speculated map of Denial

Denial is the second stage of grief Alice encounters upon her return to Wonderland. It hints at the shattered reality of Wonderland - islands floating in the sky, scattered toys and teapots - but Denial paints the scene with such lovely light, color, music, and sound that we’re briefly lulled into believing everything is alright.

The White Rabbit Plush is Alice's companion, sometimes running ahead of Alice to guide the way, other times jumping into Alice’s arms for a ride. He delivers dialog and provides for Alice a companion to talk to (rarely to talk with).

Rabbit is Alice’s curiosity projecting itself forward into the unknown. Alice expresses her fear and wonderment to Rabbit throughout the journey.

Cheshire Cat appears from a darker place within Alice’s mind. He knows just how terrible things are but is characteristically oblique. “The best lessons are learned the hard way.” He derides Alice’s relationship with Rabbit - not only because Rabbit seems to lack a brain but also because “Rabbits are fine to ruminate and stew but one in your belly will take you further than a lucky paw.”


The Tweedle Bros.
  • Alice arrives at the Denial Realm; it's a huge Amusement park. She walks around and sees posters for The Circus who has reached "town" she goes to visit.

  • She helps them rebuild and rework the place for their grand opening.

  • She sees the ride of the "horror house" which is the ride towards Queensland (anger), no one is willing to recognize that ride in the amusement park.

  • She visits The Botanical Garden to collect tickets or objectives to open the various rides, there are mini games, she eventually opens the Horror house ride.

  • At the "night" the circus is finally ready to open it's grand show Alice is kidnapped and forced to sing/dance and is forced to dress in a costume of a harlequin.

  • The shows goes on and on, eventually Alice escapes the circus to the Horror ride towards Queensland.

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Denial vs Asylum

There will be flashes from the Asylum to Denial. "Agents of reality" (undefined) will attack the circus and Alice will help to defend it.

Alice will see Inmates from the Asylum as attractions inside the Amusement park as Inmates at those times were ridiculed and shown for amusement.

A fortuneteller booth will be located on the Denial stage and Alice will visit it a few times over the course of the game (undefined).

Alice will point out to the Cosplaying characters how "wrong" their costumes are, As in the original wonderland Hatter was short and whimsical but In this world Hatter is very tall with a large nose.


All of these rides and places are located inside the Amusement park.

Botanical Garden, it will have a maze inside + Secondary train station
Vorpal Blade attraction, located inside the botanical garden.
Various rides of the park + water areas
The Circus Exterior Picture
The Circus Interior
Flyers, banners, arrows towards the circus.
The Moon, will be controlled by someone or something in another location.
Denial realm, Amusement park
Horror House Picture

Madame Priscilla's tent, will be the location that Alice will interact with Pris on the Tarot collectibles.


Circus Harlequin
Denial Yellow Dress
Ash Dress while Acquiring the Vorpal blade


The various characters that are "cosplaying" known wonderland characters at the beginning are "good" but are turning on Alice later on.

Circus, Chess acrobats
Circus, wonderland Cosplayers
Cheshire Cat is appearing at this place for the first time