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Bargaining > Depression

Enemies: Card Guard, Fish and Frog Footmen, March Hare and the Dormouse

Weapons: Vorpal Blade, Time clock, Long Range Shooting

Upgrades: N/A

Outfits: Mercury Dress, Alchemy Dress

What player learns: N/A

Transition: Anger → A train station is hidden in the royal Woods, Alice takes it but eventually needs to walk on foot for the rest of the way to the hatter’s domain.


The speculated map for The Hatter’s Domain

This area is for "pleading" it's the place where Alice is trying to figure out who she is. She accepts the situation but she's willing to forfeit herself to escape this torment and let things become as they were. She’s willing to erase her identity.

The characteristics for this domain are "Bosch" meets "Escher" with a giant LSD pill. This realm is the most "broken" of them all, so sizes, proportions, elements. Everything is supposed to be very insane and island-y. So we can play with direction, sizes and colors, everything we can pull out. This place was "bombed" from the lab of the hatter's.

IMPORTANT! The locations can literally merge into one organic area, the concept is that this world is so ruined that it even lacks identity as an area. This place can be the first place we meet Shadow Alice.

Bargaining is the third stage of PTSD Alice confronts and is contained within The Hatter and his domain. Hatter knows his time is up, that the Queen of Hearts wants him dead, and his area’s defenses are on full alert.

Alice sneaks and battles her way through the gauntlet in order to reach Hatter and deliver the “gift.” Hatter wishes for things to return to normal - back to the way they were. He wants to undo all the things which led to this point and blames himself for all that’s gone wrong.

He would accept death - but the Queen’s gift ensures that he can never die and that he will live in eternal torment. He knows because he built it as a torture device for her enemies. Alice pleads with him to accept the gift and return with her (she wants Rabbit back) but… He spends his days working on a (mad) plan to put Wonderland right again.

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t … but I can!” Hatter can’t finish his work until certain (elements/emotions) are collected. And he’s plagued by a certain gremlin - he’s convinced it was Alice he saw but now that she’s here and offering to help that theory no longer makes sense.

Alice retrieves the Inner Compass (filled with mercury). Not only will it guide her to the Red Queen but can also point Alice towards the Elemental Emotions (Emolants, Elotions) required for Hatter’s plan to restore Wonderland. (Each new Element and Emotion acquired, including the ones acquired up to this point, are used to unlock dresses, weapons, and skills. As she progresses, Alice is growing in skill and competence).


Hatter Workshop2.jpg

Hatter suspects that the world he is living in is actually a simulation. After some experiments he explodes his lab and creates a catastrophic disaster in which reality has lost it's physics. This place will be "Escher-like" in sizes and it will be all over the place and things should look as far from sense as possible.

This is the most stricken realm, what we visit and see is Alice's demise and her twisted perception of the world at it's maximum.


  • Jumping
  • Reaching
  • Puzzles
  • Hack and slash


Home / British Cottage, country side
Hatter workshop
Laboratory + Observatory (second floor)
Home / British Cottage, country side
Giant Tea Table
Mercury Mines


Alchemy Dress
Mercury Dress
Mercury Dress V2

Characters / Enemies

The Hatter
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Various animals around the realm
Insane Card Guards
Frog Footman
Fish Footman
Fish Footman
Fish Footman